What is Gemütlichkeit?

Gemütlichkeit is what you experience when you visit
The Cottages at Limestone on Main Bed and Breakfast
in the Texas Hill Country at Fredericksburg.

A German abstract noun, Gemütlichkeit is usually translated as coziness.
But it's not just the literal meaning of cozy, such as a not-too-large,
nicely-furnished, inviting cottage.

Gemütlichkeit means much more than this.

It is a cheerful feeling of belonging and
the absence of anything hectic
experienced in a comfortable place.

Social tensions and chaotic environmentscause stress and alienation.
Gemütlichkeit is an active way to resist negative influences
by going to places and meeting people who are regarded as gemütlich.

A gemütlich situation allows you to blot out
the burdens and worries of your busy everyday life. 

Germans call this "leaving everything at the doorstep."

"Abandon all burden, when you enter here."
"Alle Belastung verlassen, wenn du hier hereinkommst."